I love the atmosphere that is created in which God is free to deal with each person exactly where they're at. It's an incredibly powerful thing to just relax and focus in on the stuff that usually gets pushed to the back burner...which ironically enough is usually the stuff that matters most.


The teaching and learning along with these people of excellent spirit has helped my personal journey of healing from sorrow, fear and unbelief. I have learned God is sovereign, period. The teaching on mercy has taught me that I get to "skip the trial" and any judging from any emotional, spiritual pain I may have held when I was wronged.


Brad is a very engaging speaker and spoke with a lot of humility. I liked the way he put things and has a very natural way of explaining his experience that one can follow and relate to very easily. It is good also the way he was bold in talking about the cost, you could see his passion for us to grasp the truth of the messages he was bringing.


I really enjoyed Brad's talks. I found him a very engaging speaker and he explained and presented hard messages to hear in a very loving way. His material is very challenging but it has really stirred me up to go and seek change in my character. I like the way that the sessions were rich in bible verses. When looking back over my notes I have found that there are two levels to Brad's talks, firstly being challenged by his words but then taking those words and reflecting on them and seeking God's help in refining me. I like the way Brad presented this material in a way that invites you to go and dig deeper with God.


The sessions were clear, well delivered and engaging. I liked how Brad used a variety of different stories in his teaching, some that are quite funny, some very moving and challenging, this gave the sessions more context and were a demonstration of Gods work in the lives of those around us.


I really liked your calm, sensitive approach to teaching and your passion and drive for Jesus. You could see how enthusiastic you were about what you were teaching and about us.


Before I started doing heart psalms I really struggled to pray to God about myself. I have always enjoyed praying for others but opening up my heart to God was something I rarely did. The heart psalms allowed me to be honest with God, and once I was honest with Him, He took it to another level. Through the heart psalms God has taught me about why I am feeling the way I am. He has reminded me who He is and more importantly He has begun to break me to build me back up the way He longs for me to be! It's amazing to see the difference in my heart daily! I have also found it extremely helpful, as the heart psalms have shown me and others around me an area of my life which needs prayer and when we look back we can see answered prayers. I would encourage everyone to write heart psalms. My relationship with God used to be very distant and now He has become my best friend. They have given me a great desire to know Him more.


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for touching the lives of young people whom you've never even met. Since the summers of 2004 and 2005, when you ministered to the teens in Eagles' Wings Summer Discipleship Program, I have continued using your ministry tool of the Heart Psalm" every following year.

This unique exercise is so anointed, and has a way of allowing the teens to discover and express their emotions to God in such a pure, honest way. Sharing, praying over and prophesying into these heart-felt poems is one of the most powerful things we do with the teens all summer. It is always a highlight of the program, and one that these 14 -1 8 yr. olds carry with them as they journey on with God.

Your ministry has impacted dozens of young people from throughout the U.S., from Germany and from Israel by showing them how valuable they are to God. And the seeds you have planted continue to bear fruit!

Thank you for being a blessing,

Sarahformer Staff Member of Eagles Wings Ministries

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