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"Before I started doing Heart Psalms I really struggled to pray to God about myself. I have always enjoyed praying for others but opening up my heart to God was something I rarely did. The Heart Psalms allowed me to be honest with God, and once I was honest with Him, He took it to another level. Through the Heart Psalms God has taught me about why I am feeling the way I am. He has reminded me who He is and more importantly He has begun to break me to build me back up the way He longs for me to be! It’s amazing to see the difference in my heart daily! I have also found it extremely helpful, as the Heart Psalms have shown me and others around me an area of my life which needs prayer and when we look back we can see answered prayers. I would encourage everyone to write Heart Psalms. My relationship with God used to be very distant and now He has become my best friend. They have given me a great desire to know Him more."  -  Ministry Worker in the UK

Heart Psalms

Heart Psalms teach us how to examine our hearts and express to God what we really feel

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