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Our Resources


Audio Messages

Listen to Brad’s messages preached to challenge and encourage the church. To have Brad speak at your church or group, please get in touch


First Love

A 12 week study to meet the Jesus most people miss


Heart Psalms

Heart Psalms teach us how to examine our hearts and express to God what we really feel

Magnifying Glass

Personal Heart Search

This examination is done through a series of Biblical based questions that help give insight into the hidden things in our lives.  This tool if used honestly with ourselves and God helps give Him freedom to move and heal our hearts


Hand written Bible

The Handwritten Bible (HWB) brings people and their need face to face with the living Christ in an interactive and relational format

Researching and Writing

1st Principles Bible Study

This tool was created by Anne Graham Lotz, Billy Graham’s daughter. We have found this tool to be a fundamental element of our ministry, especially with teens that are having trouble seeing the personal side of scripture. Not only does it take one deeper, but it allows the Holy Spirit to bring conviction and encouragement into one’s personal relationship with God. It is beneficial for individual study or for any ministry worker to teach their people. It can be used as a bible study teaching and is found to be very practical and unusually insightful

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